Travel tea set

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      Travel tea set
  • SIZE
      teacup - ⌀ 8cm, h 4cm, 70ml / cooling bow - ⌀ 9.6cm, h 5.3cm, 125ml / lid - ⌀ 8cm, h 1.5cm
        This portable tea set makes it easy for you to enjoy tea outdoors when traveling or camping. Consisting of a light and sturdy teapot and a cup, it is the size to fit anywhere in the bag. Don’t forget to bring your tea friends and make a tea time for yourself when travel!
    2. MADE IN


    - Soilbaker ceramics can be used in dishwashers and microwaves.

    - Ceramics cannot be used in the oven or on direct fire as it can cause cracks.

    - If you use metalic cutlery, the scratch marks on the matte porcelain may appear. This is not the result of the glaze's peeling of, but the color change because of metalic cutlery. (The same phenomenon occurs in polished pottery, but in that case it is invisible.)

    - Each wooden cutlery piece from Soilbaker is carefully sanded smooth and finished with a food safe lacquer. With proper care and some special attention your wooden cutlery were made to last the test of time.

    - Soilbaker ceramics are hand-crafted and fired in kilns.  Glaze flow marks, small bumps and air bubbles might occurs during the manufacturing process, which are supposed to be taken as characteristics of ceramic products. Therefore, exchange or refund request will not be possible for the reason.

    - We recommend non-scratch sponge or soft dishcloths when wash ceramic products.

    - Please avoid heavy duty scrubs since they may damage the surface.

    - The Travel tea set is densely produced at a high temperature of 1250 degrees so that no food color will be left on it.
    - The soil of Soilbaker's ceramics is mixed by a clay called sancheongto with a white porcelain, which contains a certain amount of iron. In this way, this special soil makes durable and delicately colored tablewares.
    - Soilbaker's ceramics are made with soil from nature. When soil or glaze that contains a lot of iron is utilized, small dark dots (iron powder) may occur during the pottery baking process.
    - measurement deviation is within 2cm due to the measuring instruments.


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