Crumbs Plate 20 (2color)

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      Pearl White / Sand Brown / Ash Grey / Charcoal Black
  • SIZE
      ⌀ 19.5cm / h 2.3cm
      The 20cm diameter plate has a simple, borderless, versatile design that goes well with brunch ingredients such as fruits, salads, cheese and bread.Try using it as a dessert plate or plate.
      Yeoju, Korea

soilbaker says Crumbs, where sustainability and sophistication unite. Crafted with grogged clay and recycled ceramics, each piece embodies our commitment to reducing waste and caring for the planet. With its textured, rough surface and neutral tone, Crumbs Collection brings a rustic charm to every dining space.

Craftman SaysCrumbs breathes new life into materials that would otherwise be discarded, making every piece a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and caring for our planet.

These versatile pieces bring a rustic charm to your table, harmoniously blending form and function.

Crumbs is a celebration of sustainability, sophistication, and the beauty found in repurposed materials.

- Soilbaker ceramics are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.
- Avoid use in the oven or on direct flame as it can cause cracks on ceramics.
- Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, each piece has slight variations in appearance and thus, is one-of-a-kind.
- Grey marks on ceramics may become noticeable after use of metal utensils. These are the metal marks that look like scratches but can be clean off quickly with a bit of scrubbing. Mildly abrasive cleaning products formulated for dishes are available and are often labeled specifically for mark removal. Barkeeper's Friend is a popular powdered cleaner used for this purpose.
- We recommend non-scratch sponge or soft dishcloths when wash ceramic products. Please avoid heavy duty scrubs since they may damage the surface.

- Soilbaker ceramics are hand-crafted and fired using traditional techniques upon the age-old craftsmanship of Yeoju. Glaze flow marks, blisters, small bumps and pinholes might occur during the manufacturing process, which should to be embraced and taken as characteristics of ceramic products. Therefore, exchange or refund request will not be possible for the reason.
- We mixed a clay called sancheongto with white porcelain to achieve both durability and the delicate hues.
- Soilbaker ceramics are made with soil from nature. When soil or glaze contains a certain amount of iron, small dark dots caused by iron powder may occur during the pottery baking process.
- Soilbaker ceramics are densely produced at a high temperature of 1260
- Measurement deviation is within 1cm due to the different measuring instruments.

Domestic delivery service Delivery Time Period : 2 to 7 days from the payment confirmation date on average. Shipping charges: 4,000 won For Jeju Island, island / mountain area, an additional shipping charge of 1,000 won will be charged in addition to the basic shipping charge.

Internatinal delivery service Soilbaker ships worldwide. International shipping rates vary according to destination country. International tax and duties are not included in our shipping cost; the recipient will be invoiced for this if necessary once the shipment reaches its destination. In-stock orders are shipped via EMS within 1-2 weeks after placed. If an item is listed as out of stock, feel free to contact us to see when it’s expected to come back. We don’t offer gift wrapping for international shipped orders, since the safety of your products is our number one priority in how we design our packaging for long-distance travel.

Customs Charges We don't add taxes, VAT, or other hidden customs charges in your payment. You are subjected to import duties, Value added tax, customs handling fees, etc. based on import regulation of your country. Although usually, you won't be taxed with values less than a certain amount. However, the rules and regulations are different in every country, so there is no way for us to state them all here. You may inquire your local delivery agents, or your country's trade bureau for more information.


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