- Wooden cutlery is recommended for matte ceramics to minimize scratches.
- Washing with soft cotton dishcloths or non-scratch sponge will extend the life cycle of the wooden cutlery.
- Even though it is impossible for wooden material to avoid abrasion, they usually last for 6-12 months depending on how well you take care of them. (They can last over 1 year if you take proper care of them.)
- Never put them in the dishwasher or microwave. The heat, detergents, and forceful water will cause wooden items to warp or develop cracks or splits in no time at all. So always wash them by hand with soap and warm water and dry them with a towel intead of letting them air dry.
- Some wooden cutleries might cause lacquer allergic reactions.

- As a natural paint collected from lacquer tree, it has excellent antiseptic and antibacterial effects, therefore, it maintains the taste and aroma without destroying the nutrition of food.
- Lacquer coating creates sturdy film on cutleries and it creates beautiful and durable color that can last the test of time. (Please avoid soaking your wooden cutlery in water for a long time since they might quickly lose the glossy finish.)


- Depending on the color of the wood and the degree of exposure to air after lacquering, there may be differences in color even for the same product.
- As it is a natural wood product, there may be slight cracking or warping due to rapid temperature or humidity changes.
- There may be a size error within 1-2cm since it is handcrafted.